Rocktoberfest & Chinaland

We had a fantastic time at the Red River Gorge last week.  The combination of world class sandstone climbing, delicious Miguel’s pizza, and the good ol’ Kentucky spirit of the locals make the Red one of my favorite climbing destinations.

Sam and I gave two slideshows, taught a clinic, and were also able to climb alot.  The weather could not have been better either.  The leaves were changing and the air was beginning to cool off (although not quite as much as we’d hoped).

Sam and Andrew Bisharat also wrote some really nice accounts of our trip to the Red.

After returning from Kentucky, we had one day to pack and regroup before heading to China.  We traveled for over 36 hours before finally reaching our destination of Yangshuo, a small town in the southwestern part of the country.  I posted a short recap of our first few days here on The North Face Never Stop Exploring blog, and Sam posted on his site as well.

After two days of climbing, today is our first rest day, which means we’ll probably do some touring around town, take some photos, and maybe shop a little.  My site has been blocked for some reason for the last few days (along with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and alot of other sites in China).  It’s working now though and hopefully it will continue so I’ll be able to post some more updates and photos as the trip progresses.

Until then………………………..


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