I arrived in Jilopetec, Mexico on November 2nd.  It was the Day of the Dead, the Mexican holiday celebrating those who have passed.  The Petzl team is staying in an abandoned white house just outside the town, only a few km from the cliffs.  The house is dilapidated and unfinished.  There’s no electricity, running water, and the concrete floors are covered with a fine layer of white dust from the drywall.

Day of the Dead Candy skulls and an altar for Day of the Dead

I stashed my stuff in a room where my friends Joe, Colette, Whitney, and Andrew were staying and headed to the cliffs to climb for the afternoon.  I was exhausted and wrecked from all the travel, but became energized as soon as I saw my friends.  I even climbed a few pitches on the conglomerate, basalt cliffs.  I really enjoy the climbing here.  It’s technical, crimpy, and textured; a nice change to  limestone tufas (although I still love that).  After climbing, we headed back to the house for dinner and a performance by the local people in celebration of the holiday.

the cliff The cliff

The Performance


Colette and her Fan Club

Joe and his new stache

There was music and dancing and excitement.  People were spread out all over the place in the field in front of the house.  I had a good time that night, with good friends in a new place.  We went back to the house to get some rest when we were told that someone had been in the house, a few climbers had seen a person run out the door where my friends and I were posted up.  We immediately went to check on our stuff and I noticed that my computer was missing.  So was all the cash out of Whitney’s wallet.  We had our wallets, passports, phones, and other belongings in the room as well, but thankfully; all that was safe.   There were people in the house the entire time, climbers and the cooks; but the side door in our room was overlooked and the thief snuck in and out, quickly and quietly.

I was bummed about losing my computer, and felt violated by the act, but I am relieved that nothing else was taken.  My computer can be replaced.  I did lose the long post I wrote about China, and will try and replicate it as best I can when I have the time.  Other than that, Mexico is been really fun.  The climbing is unique and the people are friendly.  We left the white house last night because it was giving us all the creeps; maybe because of the theft, but there was some sort of weird voodoo going on there.  We are now in a hotel in town, with all the amenities; most importantly, doors that lock. Today is rest day.  We are chilling out tranquilo-style and I’m still trying to get over jet-lag.




4 responses to “Voodoo

  1. That´s not voodoo, voodoo is from haiti, those skulls at the last pics are traditional in Mexico the Day of Deaths… and they are made with suger, they`re actually candies!!!! you must research a little more before type such a lie, im saying this with all respect.

  2. plus, each skull got the name of a pro climber, the people who made them, took a lot of time for those gifts for u… you must be glad about that 😉

  3. Yeah, you’re right. We were all psyched to see the Day of the Dead display there for us. It was really cool to be there on that day and to watch the presentation. The “Voodoo” was in reference to the vibe we all had at the house after our things were stolen. It was not about the skulls at all. It was more of an inside joke than anything, but I can see how it could be construed as a cultural misunderstanding on my part, so I apologize. No insult was intended.

    Thanks for writing,


    • Thank u emily for the response, i hope u had fun in mexico. Hope to u see here again, and so sorry about the stolen stuff in this beautiful country…

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