Random Winter Happenings……….

I’ve been back home in Boulder since mid-November, with the exception of a quick trip to California for The North Face Outdoor Summit.  The athlete team went camping outside of Santa Cruz with a bunch of TNF designers and developers.  We sat around the campfire for two days and discussed product – it was a really good time and awesome to be able to provide input on design and development.

Daniel Woods trying on the Him suit (Matt Segal photo)

Hiking in Castle Rock, CA

The view of the Bay from Berkeley.

When I came home, it was already almost Thanksgiving.  Wow, time flies.

Family time for Thanksgiving

I started climbing in the gym again, which has been enjoyable and I had not done it since last winter.  I’ve been in a nice routine of climbing, running, and doing yoga.

Movement Climbing and Fitness

I also have been enjoying the company of all my friends who I’ve missed in the recent months.  It’s the time of year for parties and celebration, and I have been trying to embrace that….

Sam and I are in Vail right now and tomorrow will be my first day of ice climbing this season.  I’m motivated to get outside, flail around on the ice, and experience winter wonderland at its finest; but first, a nice fire and some tv time:


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