I sent my project, Full Equip, at Oliana the other day. The rain stopped and the “magic” wind came and aided my success. I almost blew it at the very end but persevered and clipped the chains. I did a little mini-interview for the climbing magazine website here. My motivation since has been very low and I haven’t been able to get psyched to try hard, or even try at all. This feeling happens to me sometimes when I have been stressed and putting pressure on myself. As soon as the stress lifts and the pressure is gone; my mind and body don’t connect. I felt lethargic and drained after sending Full Equip because I spent all my energy worrying about whether or not I was capable of doing it. In my head, validation and satisfaction would not be mine unless I sent that route. Instead of enjoying the climbing and the experience, I became caught up in the “success” factor. All I wanted to do was complete the route so I could feel like I had accomplished something. After I sent, I felt relief rather than joy. This is one of my least favorite aspects of the process of redpointing; the pressure to send for no other purpose but achieving some sort of tangible success. Alas, it is a necessary aspect and always a learning experience. I would like to always be able to let go of all my expectations and perform out of pure enjoyment for climbing, a nice attitude to strive toward but not necessarily the most realistic.

Sam and I are currently staying in Santa Linya with some good friends from the UK, Tom and Lynne. Our good friends Joe Kinder and Colette McInerney are staying there as well. Beth Rodden was with us for a short two weeks but departed back to the US yesterday. I have been having a great time climbing with them and enjoying the Spanish lifestyle. The other night we decided to join Swedish climber Said Belhaj and some of his fellow Swedes for a night out in Barcelona. Said took us to a club called “Jazzsis” where we watched a live flamenco performance. It was an incredible experience and a refreshing change from thinking about climbing all the time.

Santa Linya rainbow

The CREW on La Rambla

Flamenco at Jazzci’s = Phenomenal

We just took two rest days; my skin is finally healing; I went for a run today; and am feeling excited to go climbing again. I guess all you need sometimes is a little mental break and a city escape to get back into the groove. VENGA!!!!


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