España 1

I’ve been climbing at Oliana with Joe Kinder and Colette McInerney.  It’s been super rad and we’ve all been trying real hard, getting inspired by Adam Ondra and Chris Sharma climbing 5.15s all over the place.  I’m trying this route called Fish Eye.  I know the grade of the route shouldn’t really matter but I’m just going to be real here for a minute.  I’m a professional climber and I want to climb 5.14 again after taking a bit of a break from hard sport climbing last year. I feel strong and fairly fit on this trip and therefore 5.14 has become my goal.  Fish Eye is 8c, or 14b, which is a very worthy challenge for me; although it seems like everyone else at the cliff is working on much harder projects than that, even the women!  It’s awesome and makes me want to try harder.  Climbing at a place like Oliana definitely puts a whole new perspective on what’s “hard”.  As Joe says “NEW LEVELS!!!!!”  I’m also trying to learn spanish by listening to tapes every morning and studying Colette’s spanish textbooks but so far I still suck at it and can’t really speak at all.  I keep reverting to french because I studied it for 8 years, which should be helpful to know but it’s really just confusing as hell.  I’ll definitely climb 5.14 again before I speak coherent spanish, or at least I really hope that’s the case.  Anyway, I still have three weeks here to try and be a better climber and spanish speaker.  Cheers to that. La Vida Buena.

Marroncita Coltraine

Colette making good links on Marroncita – she’s gonna send soooo soon!

Fish Eye

Me on Fish Eye (Colette McInerney photo)

Chris Dura Dura

Chris gettin all close on La Dura Dura


Joe making absolutely sure he knows the intro moves to Papichulo

Oliana night

Always climbing into the night.

Joeltraine crib view

Morning view from Joelette’s crib in St. Llorenç de Montgai


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