A List

I haven’t felt like writing lately so here’s just a list of things going on and some photos:

– I’ve been home for nearly three weeks now, which is unheard of for me.  It’s been awesome.


Star Wall – Donner Summit (Christian Fernandez photo: http://www.christian-adam.com/)

BCSki touring with the girlz (Landon Bassett photo)

– I’ve perfected my chocolate chip cookie recipe and I’m really proud of myself.  Hint: molasses is the way to go.


– I filmed a piece with 60 Minutes Australia in Colorado a few weeks ago and it was really interesting but also slightly awkward.  They kept wanting me to admit that climbing was dangerous and extreme, which I don’t think it is.  At least not in the styles I practice (ie I’m not Alex Honnold!).  It’s all relative though I suppose.  The coolest part was that we worked with SkySight to film with the Octocopter.

60 Minutes


– I’m SO STOKED for Colette McInerney, who climbed her first 5.14 yesterday.  So well deserved. More often recently I feel a really strong urge to move to Spain like Joelette did.  NEW LEVELS!!!!

Coltraine and IColette and I in Barcelona


– I got tired of climbing in the gym so I started going to crossfit.  I’m not sure if it will help my climbing at all, but I’m beginning to really like it.  But the competition aspect of it freaks me out. BTW, the photo below is not of me (in case you couldn’t tell).


– We’ve been sleeping in a hypoxic tent so Adrian can pre-aclimatize for Everest and get to basecamp faster.  It’s basically a sealed tent with a pump that replaces some of the oxygen in the air with nitrogen and thus mimics being at a higher altitude and helps the body aclimatize and produce more red blood cells. We slept at the equivalent of 18,600ft last night and I had Cheyne-Stokes breathing, just like I did at Everest Basecamp last year.  Aw man.  But I think it’s maybe helping me, I ran my mile at crossfit kinda fast (6:40!).


packingOh.  Look who’s packing for another trip to Nepal…….

– I miss Nepal and I desperately want to return.  I miss walking in the Khumbu, the smiley Sherpa people, drinking milk tea in the teahouses, and being able to feel the power and wildness of the massive peaks that make up the Himalaya.  It’s probably my most favorite place on earth.

AmaThe best one: Ama Dablam. I want to climb that one next!

–  My dad’s helping build the Khumbu Climbing Center school in Phortse, Nepal and they need help raising funds for the building construction.  We’re having a fundraiser at Movement Climbing and Fitness in Boulder on April 20th.  The mission of the KCC is to raise the level of mountaineering skills and safety education among Nepali high altitude workers in the Himalaya. Each year, volunteers travel to the Khumbu Valley to teach basic climbing skills and rescue practices to Sherpa who either aspire to work in the big mountains or already do so and want to become more proficient.  It has become a very well respected and important program to both those who work in the mountains and the visiters who come to climb each year.  The fundraiser should be a pretty good time with tons of raffle prizes, a silent auction, presentations by legends like Conrad Anker, food, beer, and socializing.  Please come if you live in Boulder!


– I’m leaving soon for Colorado to see my family, take a Wilderness First Aid course, and train with Justen Sjong and Kris Peters.

– After that I get to go back to Spain (I’m sooooo lucky!!!) to climb with Hazel Findlay because we’re going to be partners on a big wall expedition to Morocco in May and we figured we should climb together first to establish a good partnership.  I hope we get along….. 😉

HazelHazel doing what she does best – calmly running it out.

– I’m flying from Spain to Washington DC for a National Geographic Event.  It’s a presentation about our Everest expedition last year.  More info here.

– Then I’m headed back across the pond to Morocco to climb with Hazel and to film with Sender Films for the Reel Rock Tour. I’ve never been to Morocco before and I haven’t done all that much big wall climbing so it will be interesting.

babel-1Babel (800m, 7c+) (Arnaud Petit photo)


3 responses to “A List

  1. Wait… when you do crossfit do you have to wear skimy clothes and awkward socks?

    Loved this post btw! Excited to see you soon.

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