Ticking time

I spent the last two weeks training with Justen Sjong and Kris Peters in Boulder, CO in preparation for my Morocco trip next month with Hazel Findlay. I also took a 16 hr Wilderness First Aid course, helped my dad prepare for the Khumbu Climbing Center fundraiser at Movement, gave a short presentation to the fundraiser attendees, and saw all of my best friends. Boulder is my hometown, the place where I was born and raised and found climbing. Despite the fact that I still don’t regret my decision to move away from there, I will always love that place and the people who live there.

Jason vic dadJason Grubb, Victoria Bisharat, and…..my dad.

Keith DanaKeith Ladzinski and Dana Richardson being all cute.  ❤

Max Alice CoryMax Lowe, Alice Phinney, Cory Richards

Vic, Conrad, DanaVictoria Bisharat, Conrad Anker, Dana Richardson

Zuru, Justen, AbiJusten Sjong and his unbearably cute sons, Zuru and Abi

Me Vic MomMe, Vic, and my mom at the Outback Saloon for a celebratory Karaoke sesh

Max me karaokeMax and I crushing Karaoke night (with Lynn Hill hoola-hooping to our sweet sweet melodies)

The KCC fundraiser was amazingly successful and I’d like to thank everyone again who made the effort to come to the event and support, and especially Conrad, Jenni, Max, Pamela, Dean, Zach, Mike, Ryan, Dana, Timmy, my dad and the entire Movement staff who really gave it their all to make it happen. We still have a long way to go in order to complete the building project, so if you’re interested in donating to the cause, please visit alexlowe.org. Also, I am really starting to seek out speaking opportunities, both because I enjoy doing it and I want to improve my skills, so if anyone is interested or has any connections they know of that could help, please comment below or message me on Facebook!

MCFKCC Tailgate party at MCF

SummitMy Sherpani friend and teammate Dawa Yangzum Sherpa and myself on the summit of Mt Everest May 25, 2012

KCC EventKCC slideshow crowd at Movement

Now I’m on the plane to Barcelona via Newark, wondering what the future weeks will hold for me. I’ll admit I’m a little nervous and hesitant about it all, and have felt this way for the past few days. Perhaps it has something to do with the awful tragedies in Boston and Texas, the deadly avalanche in Colorado on Saturday, and the fact that Adrian is currently out of contact climbing mountains in the Himalaya, but I’ve been feeling rather uneasy, sad, and worried about everything. I know that bad things happen everyday in the world, but it’s often more jarring and unsettling when it hits closer to home and is so widely broadcasted. My thoughts are with everyone affected by any of the unfortunate events experienced this week.

In all honesty, a part of me just wishes I could fast forward through the next month and be back in Tahoe with Adrian safe at home and enjoy summertime. I know that this feeling is fleeting and a result of my own insecurities and fear of the unknown and of being out of my element. Of course I’d rather be living in the present, with two international trips on the horizon and the opportunity to climb with great friends in glorious places, but I tend to worry unnecessarily and let my thoughts drift to the negative when my schedule feels hectic and nonstop and homesickness sets in. It does help to write about though, which is exactly why I’m letting it all come out for the internet world to see……I am usually pretty conscious of how lucky I am, but that awareness is also accompanied by moments of fear and guilt that it could all disappear in a random, sudden moment. Life seems to go in waves no matter how fortunate we are; everyone experiences those relative ups and downs of joy and heartache, pride and disappointment, and when I am up top I tend to fear the low moments more than I think I should.

So here it is. I’m going to focus on the things that I can control, try to be conscious of the things that are relevant and matter but perhaps out of my immediate control, and try to let go of the unnecessary worries and fears that don’t do me any good, and just appreciate it all as a part of the exciting and wonderful life I’ve been given. I’m psyched and thankful for the time I had in Boulder with all of my friends and family, looking forward to climbing with Hazel in Spain and hopefully forming a new and awesome climbing partnership, and really motivated to learn a new style of climbing, and if all else fails, have a spectacular adventure in Morocco. Hell yes. Thanks for reading and have an exceptional day.

MeMy favorite watch.  TIME IS TICKING.  In a good way, SO BE PRESENT!!!! (Keith Ladzinski photo)


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